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16 years focused on salons supply one station research and development, production, marketing.

oem/odm/obm processing “hair” source.

create micro business, electronic business hot sell salon hair products.

CCTV network brand mall settled

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About MOKERU ——

About MOKERU There are over 370,000 consumers use maqinuo hair products and hand sanitizer every day. It has successfully assisted domestic 1000 professional line, on the line of well known brands and it’s successfully listed in electronic business, gold hair product suppliers, aglobal suppliers of top 10, liangxin hair brands, fashion hair pathfinder brand tour, because of your beauty. About US Product Catalog

Liang Xin product range, so that the hair back to life

Hairdressing supplies one-stop processing, set hair, hair care, hair care, hair conditioner functions in one

Liang Xin hair products, a set of ecological, Science and Technology fashion research and development concepts,

Exclusive customized to meet the requirements of your hair

National Hotline : 400-0613-058

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Hair products manufacturing experts, fashion hairdressing master development

16 years precipitated 6000 kinds of innovative recipes

We are able to offer the customization service for our customer. From product planning and formulation development, to production management and product inspection, accoding to the different demands of customers, we offer three dimensional processing...

16 years of experience precipitation, Chinese shampoo / conditioner / hair care products Gold Supplier, Liang Xin always adhere to the consistent quality beauty hair products


Standardized production line, automatic terminal equipment

Professional marketing team to create a stable supply

We adopt GMP fully-enclosed clean production workshop of pharmaceuticals industry. What’s more, we have complete facilities and advanced equipment factory, which possess complete production line to manufacture all kinds of hair products, like shampoo...

Standardized production line, automatic terminal equipment

Liang Xin · one-station OEM / ODM / OBM service platform Supplier,

16 years of R&D specialist hairdressing suply, the common chioce of 370000 consumers, success for more than 1000 agents line of the daily chemical chain. Micro electronic business supplies customized.

Liang Xin well-known brand partners, with the strength to make beautiful floor

Beautiful fat sources in the Liang Xin OEM / ODM / OBM

Condensation products of more than 6,000 innovative formula, the Department of brand planning positioning R & D personalized custom integration

Free service hotline : +86-20-26095372

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